"I've learned to see the beauty in everything, even in unexpected places! I've been exploring using the drips and drops of steeped tea as a watercolor medium -- creating pleasing patterns and brilliant color effects." -- Reed Slater

Welcome to the Teascarf Brooklyn community! I’m Reed, and I’m excited to share my creations with you. I founded Teascarf Brooklyn in 2012, because wanted to turn my art into products that are beautiful, fashionable, and elegant. Although I love working on my own designs in my studio, I also enjoy collaborating with craftspeople – fabric printers, seamstresses, photographers, models, and others, throughout the world, who help bring my ideas to life.

Our Story: Tea, as we know it, was first consumed as a hot drink around 1500 years ago in China. Throughout history, it has been highly valued as the favorite drink of emperors, kings, and queens. It has inspired elaborate ceremonies, as well as wars. But at Teascarf Brooklyn, tea is valued for its warmth, beauty, and vibrancy. The marriage of art and silk produces something for you to caress and cherish.

Our Values: We are dedicated to spreading joy by making quality, crafted products for people who appreciate creativity, beauty, and authenticity.  

But How? Nearly 20 years ago, I began a project to discover what kind of tea bag makes the best print, and what I could do to the tea bag as it dried to make the print more intense. I spent months carefully placing and arranging tea bags on various pieces of paper covering most of my studio as they dried.

Some tea bags dry and completely stick to the paper so they need to be peeled off. Others don't.

After the tea bags have been removed from the paper, I can finally see the image. I flatten the warped paper with a hot iron, clean most of the bits of tea bag from the paper, then photograph the artwork to ensure an accurate reproduction.